Heading to the field in T-minus one month-ish…

With just about a month before I head out to Kenya for my dissertation research, I’m getting super psyched.  Between permitting, bureaucracy, and other administrative nightmares, I’m very ready to get my feet on the ground over there and start working!  My research will be looking at how and how often diseases are transmitted (hence the “Infectious”) between rodents and humans in African agricultural villages, which I think could have strong implications for revising interpretations of historical disease outbreaks, as well as in predicting and preventing future disease outbreaks.  The main question that I’ll be investigating in relation to this is whether rodent behavior (hence the “Personalities”) affects how infected these critters are.

I’ll be using this blog mainly as a platform to provide updates and troubleshooting guides for a lot of my methods, if anyone feels so inclined to reproduce any of this work.  I’ll also be reporting on the general ins-and-outs and ups-and-downs of living and working out in Africa.  I hope you can check in every now and then!

Yours in Science,


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